Meet Our Team


We are a diverse team of sports enthusiasts and marketing gurus based all over the US and beyond. We spend most of our time on the road organizing events. When the season is over we like to check out the rest of the world while working on a game plan for the next season. We have first hand experienced the power that sports can have over the lives of children and adults alike. Our first and foremost goal is community development. We provide the infrastructure for people to come together to create an experience for their own community and share it with the surrounding communities. 


World Events, is a Sacramento, Denver, and New York based Sports Marketing Group which produces turnkey events in cities throughout the United States. Our Staff has been the National Tour Directors for Hoop it Up for the last three years. For the passed 27 years we have inspired significant economic impact in over 30 cities. Our events boast a database with over 1000 regular participants who compete each year and are accompanied by large groups of family and friends. In each city we have had a consistent rate of 70% teams coming from out of town. We are committed to enriching communities around the United States through sports. We have perfected our process and have allowed for flexibility to accommodate the specific desires of each individual client.